Tetrisly (for Figma)  -  Starter kit to create design system's UI component library

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UPDATE 2023!

We've launched a new product. Not another useless UI kit, but the collection of rules, tools and processes that simplify design processes and the development of digital products.

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  • Not another useless UI Kit. An entirely new approach to creating a smart scalable structure for your next product.
  • 2500+ customizable components' skeletons to create UI component libraries for your products or design systems.

What's new in Tetrisly?

Dark mode is available

Tetrisly has a dark theme for all components so you can create dark modes in your products in an easy and smart way. All with the assurance of UX rules and standards.

Refreshed look & improved structure

The new version gives users a fresh look and a better experience of using components. Create your next product faster and smarter!

Redefined Variants and Auto Layout

Everything in Tetrisly contains Auto Layout. Moreover, we’ve redefined all variants and we have created brand-new components.

Extra! Pay once. Get three themes.

XeTheme and DarkTheme by Tetrisly will carry your projects to the next level. But don’t worry you will still be able to modify everything like a pro. The new themes are based on Tetrisly methodology, a faster and better way to organizing your design files.

What are the benefits of Tetrisly?

UI Designers:

  • Create one source of truth for your product
  • Just start creating the component library with ideal file organization
  • Build the right inheritance structure for design tokens and components based on your needs.
  • Better cooperation with other your co-worker.

Product teams:

  • Reduce the entry threshold for new designers into the project.
  • A fully scalable file organization methodology gives you unlimited possibilities for product development.
  • Minimize the number of misunderstandings, mistakes and time-wasting thanks to good organization


Product Design Process

In the purchased package, there are three Figma files: Core Library and two files of use cases that present an exemplary process of product design.

Work at scale

Tetrisly is ready for scaling the structure and supporting multiplatform products. Create new inheriting libraries of a product or split the Core Library fundamentals depending on your needs.

High-quality Figma file

Tetrisly is a perfectly crafted, named, organized Component Library based on recent Figma features.

  • Resizable components
  • Organized nested Symbols and Overrides
  • Organized Layer and Text Styles
  • Auto Layout & Variants

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For any questions contact at hello@tetrisly.com

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Tetrisly (for Figma)  -  Starter kit to create design system's UI component library

35 ratings
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